Hoarder Services

Hoarding is the persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value. For those who hoard, the quantity of their collected items sets them apart from other people. Commonly hoarded items may be newspapers, magazines, paper and plastic bags, cardboard boxes, photographs, household supplies, food, and clothing.

JBR Junk Removal has helped hoarders and their families by providing them with a fresh start. Homes that may seem disastrous dues to the quantity of clutter and trash are our specialty. JBR Junk Removal has a variety of hoarding clean up services ranging from complete clean outs to organizing to recovery of items.

We Handle the Clean Out With Understanding
We do not just simply enter a hoarder’s home and start throwing everything out. We understand that in between the mounds of clutter there could be items of importance and value that should be saved. Our attention to detail and understanding of this fact puts JBR Junk Removal above our competition. Call us today to arrange a free estimate for your home or someone you know. From moderate clutter to severe hoarding environments, we can help you through any situation. JBR Junk Removal understands that hoarding and severe clutter can cause embarrassment or shame. We would like you to know that after seeing hundreds of hoarder’s homes, nothing with your situation will surprise us. We have seen it all and are not judgmental. Please understand we are there to make your situation better, not worse and our main focus is to help you regain control of your home.  Remember… Change is always possible.




  • Hoarding Clutter and Cleanup
  • Appliance Recycling
  • Cleanup and Disposal of Animal and/or Human Waste
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Deliver of Storage Containers
  • E-Waste Recycling
  • Emergency Hoarding Cleanup
  • Hoarding Evictions
  • Home Repairs – Paint, Drywall, Carpet, Electrical,
  • Plumbing, Etc.
  • Itemized Inventory
  • Organizing & Sorting
  • Paperwork Recovery and Storage
  • Photo/Video Documentation
  • Recovery of Valuables and Sentimental Items
  • Removal and Recycling of Non Running Vehicles
  • Senior Citizen Clutter Cleaning